Cloud 9 1Nestled along Sumulong Highway in one of the highest points of Antipolo City, Cloud 9 is more than just a Hotel or Venue for various occasions. Built in 1996, it has grown to become one of the most fancied hotels and seminar venues in Antipolo City.

It serves more than just an escape from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. Bask in the splendour of the overlooking view of both the city and the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre, enjoy the indoor and outdoor activities, learn about Antipolo's history, feast on delectable Filipino dishes, and examine fine works of art.

More than just high quality service and accommodations, Cloud 9 boasts one of, if not the best overlooking view in Antipolo City.

As the sunny skies are replaced by the dim lit night, watch as the shimmering lights of Metro Manila light up as far as the eyes can see. Visit them when the moon shines at its brightest and be in awe of the moonlit Metro Manila. There is truly no better place in Antipolo to appreciate the magnificent view of both Metro Manila and Sierra Madre, whether on a bright sunny day or a dim moonlit night. Marvel at the beautiful view of the Sierra Madre bathed in the sun's brilliance.

It also serves delectable Filipino dishes, showcases the largest painting in Antipolo, displays historical artifacts that depict the history of the city, and much more.

For inquiries:

Barangay Sta. Cruz, Sumulong Highway Phone no. 584-3011